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Australians care about their neighbours, a sentiment felt strongly by farmers throughout the country who are committed to doing the right thing. With wet conditions, there are a lot of issues around summer weeds and appropriate spraying conditions have been tight. Growers are being urged to brush up on best practice and utilise the resources available.

  1. Know what to do. Read and follow label instructions – it is a legal requirement. Ensure spray applicators are fully trained and accredited.
  2. Check the conditions. Monitor conditions before, during and after spraying. Do not spray when there is a surface temperature inversion – likely to occur between midnight and sunrise – or when wind speeds are very low.
  3. Consider your neighbours - notify them of your spray plan.

Additional useful resources

GRDC Standard Nozzle Selection Guide

GRDC Spray Drift Fact Sheet

GRDC Spray Drift hazard warning system

GRDC Spray Application Manual

APVMA Spray Drift Advice



Industry expert Mary O'Brien shares her three tips to reducing spray drift and how growers can implement best practice. Watch the video below.