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Developing an Australian grain industry sustainability framework The Australian grain industry sustainability framework, Behind Australian Grain, encompassing the whole value chain, has been developed to strengthen our industry’s sustainability and assist in ensuring we continue to meet the changing expectations and needs of our consumers, the community, investors and governments for the decade to 2030.

A joint initiative of Australia’s grain industry organisations, Behind Australian Grain has been endorsed by GrainGrowers Limited, Grains Research and Development Corporation, Grain Producers Australia, Grain Trade Australia and the Australian Export Grain Innovation Centre. The framework has been designed as a starting point for the progression of the industry’s approach to sustainability and will be refined on a regular basis, informed by stakeholder and community input.

The Australian grain industry sustainability framework is built on three pillars and 13 goals across those pillars. These have been developed after extensive consultation.


Goal: Proactively improve the health of our soils.

Goal: Industry engaged in incentivised environmental stewardship programs.

Goal: Reduce our industry’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

Goal: Future-proof the industry from climate related risks through investment and development of adaption tools. This includes ongoing improvements to water use efficiency in rainfed grain production.

Goal: Redesign, reduce and/or develop alternative chemical use whilst ensuring productivity, safety and environmental outcomes.

Goal: Ensure a world-leading whole of industry approach to managing biosecurity risks.


Goal: Zero workplace fatalities throughout the value chain (on-farm and post-farm gate).

Goal: Contribute to closing the gap between regional and broader community safety and wellbeing indices.

Goal: Increased leadership capacity, diversity and skills development to enhance sustainability, industry capacity, and livelihood.


Goal: Continue to deliver safe products via robust supply chain assurance mechanisms and strong industry governance systems.

Goal: Proactively address our customers’ evolving food safety expectations and health needs.

Goal: Increased awareness and trust in how grain products are produced.

Goal: Support innovations which enhance our supply chain’s ability to meet tomorrow’s demands and safety needs of our consumers and the community.