The goal: a Grains Sustainability Framework

GrainGrowers is excited to announce the launch of a project called Behind Australian Grain – the development of a grains sustainability framework in partnership with the Australian grains industry, its customers and farming communities.

Like other agricultural sectors, the Australian grains industry needs to be proactive. Behind Australian Grain will assess the economic, social and environmental sustainability challenges that our industry is facing – both existing and emerging – and collectively agree on goals for the future.

KPMG has been engaged to work alongside GrainGrowers and other key stakeholders to establish a common framework to identify, measure and report the sustainability priorities of Australia’s grains industry.

The framework will encompass the environmental, social, and economic impacts that the grains industry has on its stakeholders throughout the value chain, the communities in which it operates,and society at large.

Ultimately this framework will help to maintain and build community confidence in Australian grains while at the same time providing a clear direction for growers and the industry on how to develop in a sustainable and profitable way.

We look forward to growing together sustainably and inviting our industry and the public to get Behind Australian Grain.

We are keen to hear to the views of growers on what you think will impact the sustainability of our sector. Please complete our short surveyt o have your say. Click the button below to get started.

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