The goal: a Grains Sustainability Framework

Will identify the sustainability parameters which impact the industry and will measure the industry’s performance against community expectations across social, economic and environmental drivers.

The research undertaken within this program will provide the grains industry with a better understanding of community attitudes, how the sector’s current performance sits in line with these and where industry attention may need to be directed.   It will enable industry to see where its social licence is being challenged and opportunities to respond proactively and positively.

The Grains Sustainability Framework will be accessible so farmers, customers, stakeholders and members of the public can understand key drivers in the industry and assess which sustainability attributes are most important to them.  It is about the industry being transparent about its performance and goals.

Regular research and assessment will allow changes in sustainability to be measured and reported over time.

In a first for the grains sector, GrainGrowers has initiated a project to develop a Grains Sustainability Framework which will allow industry to objectively measure and communicate its sustainability credentials to communities, the Government, customers and the industry itself.

Like other agricultural sectors, the Australian grains industry needs to be proactive and assess its economic, social and environmental sustainability challenges, both existing and emerging. and then to collectively agree goals for the future. Ultimately this framework will help to maintain and build community trust and confidence in Australian grains while at the same time providing clear direction for growers and the whole industry about how to develop and grow in a sustainable and profitable way.

This project will cover the whole supply chain and will involve key stakeholders. There will be extensive consultation with growers, the grains supply chain, customers and community, and supported by in-depth research over the next six months.

Regular updates will be provided to members and stakeholders including ways to provide comment and how to become involved with the project.