1 tonne of wheat makes approximately 1700 loaves of bread

In an outstanding harvest year, a grower could get 5-6 tonnes of wheat from a football field size paddock. In a poor harvest year, a grower might get 0.5 to 1 tonne of wheat from a football field size paddock!

Understanding the journey of grains from farm to fork (or beer glass)

Community expectations about farming and food are changing.  And it is important grain growers, and the whole grains industry, understand these community expectations, and can demonstrate to the world the sectors’ sustainability credentials.

Grain is a major commodity that makes its way to the table every day through products like bread, pasta and noodles. On average, 45 million tonnes of grains are grown each year in Australia, with 70% exported around the world.

Farmers constantly adapt to variable climatic conditions and changing market requirements. Farmers need to understand the emerging customer and community food trends so that the research, technologies and innovations can evolve and ensure the continued sustainable growth of the industry.

It’s important that growers, customers and the community are able to have conversations about ways and whys of farming, and how food is produced.

GrainGrowers has two core projects which commenced in 2019 to focus on the industry’s sustainability credentials and to enhance community trust in Australian grains, oilseeds and legumes and the farmers that grow them.

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