GrainGrowers’ submission regarding the Moratorium on the Cultivation of GM Crops in South Australia

By September 26, 2019 Homepage, Submissions - 2019

GrainGrowers strongly supports the South Australian Government’s plans to lift the moratorium on growing Genetically Modified (GM) Food Crops across the mainland.  For many years, South Australian farmers have not had access to the same technology (GM crops) that are available in other parts of Australia. An independent review of South Australia’s moratorium on the cultivation of GM food crops found that this lack of access had cost South Australian grain farmers at least $33 million since 2004.

It is important the grain farmers have the freedom of choice in relation to production systems and markets they pursue – whether this is GM, conventional, organic or a combination of these. Removal of the moratorium would allow choice for South Australian farmers and marketers in the crops they grow and purchase.