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ProductionWise is Australia’s leading decision support platform for grain growers and has recently undergone a major overhaul.

Our aim at ProductionWise is to assist grain farming businesses to make the best possible decisions so that they can be as efficient, sustainable and as profitable as possible. ProductionWise is supported by an Australian based team and was founded by GrainGrowers, Australia’s largest independent grain grower organisation.

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ProductionWise is an innovative online crop management tool developed by GrainGrowers. It is Australia’s most powerful decision support platform for growers, farm managers and advisers.

ProductionWise provides the ability to map, record, monitor and manage farm activities in a seamless, secure environment. GrainGrowers believes that providing farmers and their respective advisers the ability to record and manage their farm data in a free system helps promote efficiency, sustainability and profitability in modern farming enterprises.

The subscription functionality of ProductionWise provides a range of unique industry developed and peer-reviewed decision support tools that are driven by the paddock map and diary information. This provides highly relevant paddock and farm outputs used to assist in making informed management decisions.

Free Grower Features Growers Advisers New Zealand
Farm mapping Yes Yes Yes
Paddock diary Yes Yes Yes
Grain storage diary Yes Yes Yes
Grain contracts & sales management Yes Yes Yes
Automated growing window creation Yes Yes Yes
Paddock future planning Yes Yes Yes
Complete lists of inputs & biotic stresses Yes Yes Yes
Paddock & storage reporting Yes Yes Yes
Automated vendor declarations & traceability Yes Yes Yes
Paddock soil and elevation details Yes Yes Yes
Potential Yield Calculator (PYCAL) Yes Yes
Receive recommendations from your adviser Yes Yes Yes
Apple & Android app for mobile devices Yes Yes
Free Adviser Features Growers Advisers New Zealand
Connect adviser & growers Yes Yes Yes
Create new grower accounts to manage Yes Yes
Create recommendations & farm plans Yes Yes
View the status of your recommendations Yes Yes
Paddock & storage reporting Yes Yes
Custom recommendation header & footer Yes Yes
View growers diary, farm map and gross margins Yes Yes
Subscription Features Growers Advisers New Zealand
Satellite derived NDVI tracking of all paddocks Yes Yes
APSIM yield simulations (wheat, barley, canola & oats) Yes Yes
APSIM crop scenario planning Yes Yes
1km resolution climate data Yes Yes
Paddock specific soil moisture Yes Yes
Drought monitor Yes Yes
Automated gross margins Yes Yes Yes
SprayWise Decisions operation planner add-on Yes Yes

For more information visit www.productionwise.com.au or view the brochure.