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HomepagePublications - 2021

Khapra beetle

Khapra beetle is a serious agricultural pest that poses a major threat to the Australian grains industry. While Australia currently holds the status of pest-free for khapra beetle, it is…
January 21, 2021


Publications - 2020

GrainGrowers’ Biosecurity Policy

Biosecurity is critical to ecologically sustainable development, and agricultural and environmental performance. Enduring profitability of the grains sector relies on the contribution Australia’s biosecurity system delivers for economic prosperity and…
June 15, 2020
Publications - 2020

IMI tolerant barley update

This is the fourth industry communication on market issues concerning Clearfield barley varieties in relation to imidazolinone (IMI) chemical use. Barley Australia has previously distributed updates in March, May and…
April 2, 2020



Publications - 2018

The National Residue Survey 2017-18

The National Residue Survey is an essential part of Australia’s pesticide and veterinary medicine residue management framework providing verification of good agricultural practice in support of chemical control-of-use legislation and guidelines..
December 7, 2018







GrainGrowers 2019 Multi-Peril Crop Insurance report

| MPCI 2019, Publications - 2019 | No Comments
As one of the many tools farmers can use to manage risk, Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) and other income protection insurance products have a place in grower considerations, along with…

State of the Industry Report – 2016

| Industry Development, Policies, Publications, Publications - 2016, SOTI 2016 | No Comments
Agriculture is at the heart of the Australian economy and underpins the social fabric of our nation. Agriculture directly contributes to Australia’s social, economic and environmental sustainability, especially across our…