Micro Surveys

GrainGrowers uses microsurveys to collect data and information from our members to help shape our policy submissions.

Results from our previous surveys can be viewed below.





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Heavy Agricultural Vehicle & Combinations Survey

| Micro Surveys - 2017, Mirco Surveys, Transport | No Comments
The results show that many of the proposed limits for the Class 1 Notice drafted by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) need to be reconsidered in order to cover…

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance Survey

| Micro Surveys - 2017, Mirco Surveys | No Comments
The 2017 results show that 79.3% of respondents are aware of MPCI products, and while only 12.7% said “yes” they are considering taking out MPCI, 42.5% are “possibly” considering it.