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Agriculture’s transition to low emission vehicles will require a coordinated, strategic and responsive approach with colloboration across the supply chain.



GrainGrowers Supports:

  • The development of low emission technologies to provide growers’ options to reduce their carbon emissions.
  • The need for an agriculture-specific transition strategy that reflects the unique requirements of the industry.
  • A staged transition over-time to low emission vehicles that encourages uptake through the use of incentives rather than penalties and supports international competition and economic growth.
  • Nationally-coordinated low emission vehicle regulation with strong information sharing between jurisdictions and coordination of charging infrastructure across borders.

GrainGrowers Recognises:

  • The commercialisation of low emission agricultural and heavy vehicles is still in its infancy and therefore targeted government support will be required to enable the development of viable low emission pathways for agricultural vehicles and transport.
  • The transition to low emission vehicles will require a coordinated, strategic and responsive approach and collaboration across the supply chain.
  • Government policy and regulation must be adaptive as low emission vehicle technologies continue to develop.
  • The agricultural transport industry has and will continue to make significant steps to reduce emissions where practicable.
  • As a nation with critical mineral mining and manufacturing capability, Australia can be a world leader in low emission vehicle manufacturing.
  • The transition to low emission technologies may reduce the risks associated with Australia’s reliance on imported petroleum fuel products.
  • State and federal governments have a key role to play in addressing market failures in the rollout of charging infrastructure by encouraging new technology uptake in regional areas to promote fair access and consumer choice.
GrainGrowers Seeks:
  1. RD&E investment to identify pathways to transition away from petroleum diesel.
  2. Grants to incentivise the uptake of new technologies once developed.
  3. Where practicable, alignment of Australian Design Standards with international markets to reduce costs for manufacturers to import electric vehicles.
  4. Upgrades to electricity infrastructure to ensure it is able to cope with forecast local demand.
  5. Targeted funding through the Driving the Nation Fund to ensure adequate access to charging infrastructure in regional Australia.
  6. A commitment from the Australian Government to retain the Diesel Fuel Rebate for off road vehicle use while agriculture continues to use diesel powered vehicles.
For more information, download GrainGrowers' Low Emission Vehicle Policy by clicking the link above.