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Opportunities for the Australian grains industry in Asia continue to grow

By April 12, 2018July 4th, 2018Publications - 2018

GrainGrowers Trade and Economics Manager, Luke Mathews, this week returned from a visit to Thailand and China to represent the Australian grains industry at the Australian Grains Industry Conference (AGIC) in Bangkok and Shanghai.

During his visit he met with Thai and Chinese government representatives in the departments of agriculture, commerce, foreign affairs and quarantine inspection, and Australian Embassy staff in Thailand and China.

Mr Mathews said the outlook for Australian grains in Asia is very bright. “Over three quarters of Australian grain exports are directed to Asia with China the single largest market.  We see ongoing demand growth for Australian grain in the region,” he said.

“Australian grain is highly valued in the region for its intrinsic functionality, reliability, cleanliness and dryness.

“Australian grain services a number of specific end markets in China and Thailand, spanning wheat for noodles and bread, barley for malt, barley and wheat for stockfeed and sorghum for the Chinese Baijiu market.”

Mr Mathews said the current US-China ‘trade war’ could spell good news for Australian grains as China sought to diversify is grain purchases away from the US market.

Mr Mathews was travelling with representatives of the GTA, AEGIC, AOF and other private exporters, brokers and marketers.