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The History of Oats

Words by Bridget Masters, Coordinator, Leadership and Events at GrainGrowers Oats. Porridge. Oatmeal if you’re American. Porage if you’re a 14th English century peasant. Some love it (GrainGrowers Chairman Brett…
April 24, 2020

Combating No-show lupins

Words by Alan Meldrum, Regional Coordinator for WA The Liebe Group’s AgChat series is kicking off with the first topic, ‘Combating No-show lupins’. I will join Dr Bob French from…
February 6, 2020

GrainGrowers 2019 Multi-Peril Crop Insurance report

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As one of the many tools farmers can use to manage risk, Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) and other income protection insurance products have a place in grower considerations, along with…

State of the Industry Report – 2016

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Agriculture is at the heart of the Australian economy and underpins the social fabric of our nation. Agriculture directly contributes to Australia’s social, economic and environmental sustainability, especially across our…