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National Farm Safety Week is raising awareness of farm safety issues in rural communities and as part of this, GrainGrowers is excited to announce a ground-breaking initiative that gives farming families access to a free support service to assist with building a physical and mental ‘safety culture’ on-farm.

Grower families across Australia now have access free of charge to Benestar Wellbeing services. Growers and any member of their household can access a range of confidential, counseling services either in-person, by telephone, or online.

With regional services at times stretched, GrainGrowers is ensuring farming families have help at hand, no matter where they were located, without lengthy waiting times. No referral of any kind is needed; qualified psychologists, nutritionists, legal and HR advice are only a phone call away.

“We feel this initiative is a really special one because growers and any member of their household can pick up the phone and have immediate access to a range of professional advice. If you need to talk over a problem one of the kids is having at school or could use some financial planning advice for the farm, this is a free, completely confidential service.” said Brett Hosking, GrainGrowers Chairman.

“When we think about staying safe on farm, it means we take care of ourselves physically and mentally. It’s important that we ensure our grower families have access to a broad range of support services and that’s why we are excited to have this program in place.”

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Shona Gawel, General Manager Grower Engagement
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