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With Anzac Day passing traditionally marking the time grain growers across the country get seeders rolling there is an optimistic outlook for the season ahead despite some weather challenges.

With a very wet summer for the Eastern states, flooding in southern Queensland and parts of New South Wales caused damage for some growers in those regions. However, the rain has meant winter crops will be sown in a full moisture profile.

For some Victorian growers, the recent harvest was the latest finish in almost a decade, with wet weather and cool conditions not allowing crops to dry out quickly. However, some dry spells followed by Autumn rains has meant it is shaping up to be an excellent season.

South Australian growers have had a mixed start to the year, dry in many areas though there has been rainfall in the south. South Australian growers will be keeping an eye on the weather and hoping the rain falls where it needs to. In the meantime, dry sowing of canola, fodder crops and some pulses is underway.

The recent cyclone in Western Australia has been devastating to some regional communities in the north and the clean-up continues. The way communities come together and show their support in these situations continues to be a positive in these tough times. For other Western Australia growers, after a few years of below average rainfall, they are going into a season with a full bucket of stored soil moisture, and it is the best start to the season generally that the state has seen in a long time.

“Growers across the country continue to manage the variety of conditions they farm under in a world-class way. We are hoping for a really successful planting period followed by a great harvest.” said Brett Hosking, GrainGrowers Chair.



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