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GrainGrowers has released a grower-focussed online hub providing up-to-date resources on spray application and drift management.

The hub has been designed to provide a one-stop shop for growers to access practical and targeted information to ensure spraying is conducted effectively and efficiently.

With stories already emerging of spray drift issues impacting cotton crops, the hub is an excellent place for growers to refresh their knowledge and avoid any potential problems. In addition to the new video series, the hub also includes links to various other recommended factsheets and resources from the Grains Research & Development Corporation, Grain Producers Australia and other industry bodies.

The online hub features a unique video series commissioned by GrainGrowers from spray application and drift management expert Craig Day (Spray Safe & Save Pty Ltd).

The videos cover various topics, including essential aspects of good spray application, nozzle classification and selection, factors influencing spray quality and droplet size, water quality, and weather technology. The series also includes a separate video containing a range of practical tips.

Filmed as interactive demonstrations, the on-farm videos have been designed to address grower questions on the topic.

The video series looks at the issues of spray application and creates a framework to break down the operation into three core components – sprayer operation and setup, tank mix and timing. This approach delivers practical solutions that can optimise spray efficiency, helping to reduce costs and minimise the risk of underdosing.

Mr Day said “any drift away from the intended target was a loss that could potentially damage someone else’s crop, your crop, or the environment.”

“The loss of rate can also contribute to sub-lethal dosing of the intended target, compounding resistance issues.”

“Regardless of the sensitivity of the crop, everyone needs to take responsibility and be worried about spray drift.”

GrainGrowers Chair Rhys Turton said that spray drift was a recurring issue for Australian agricultural industries, and it was critically important for growers to get it right.

“From our perspective, this is about drawing together resources that inform and educate and give everyone the ability to perform well and deliver industry good practice at all times.”

“Spraying is one of those farming tasks that you must address carefully and methodically. If you are serious about getting the most out of the chemicals, it is important to take note of every condition that impacts its application, and then act accordingly.”

Mr Turton said the damage caused by spray drift could largely be avoided by everyone using all the available tools and resources.

“Our online hub provides convenient access to important materials. I encourage all growers to have a look at the resources available and share them across their workforce.”

“It is not just other growers watching to ensure spray drift does not occur. The public and our domestic and international customers are all observing how we address this issue, so it is in all our interests to do the right thing,” he said.

The online hub can be accessed at