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National Policy Group Charter

The role of the NPG is to provide grassroots grain farmer input into GrainGrowers national policy positions developed on behalf of grain farmer and in the interests of grain farmers nationally.

The NPG will develop, review and endorse national policy positions with a single-minded focus of developing a more efficient, profitable and sustainable industry for all Australian grain farmers. The views of the NPG will be represented by GrainGrowers to relevant industry stakeholders including the Australian Government, other grain supply chain representative bodies, to the GRDC in our capacity as an appointed Representative Organisation and to the National Farmers Federation on issues with broad agricultural significance.



Policy Development Framework

Developing policy within GrainGrowers is about being proactive and responsive to issues that have a direct impact on
grain growers.

The Framework provides a systematic way to develop policies that address concerns of the grains and agricultural sector. The process goes through several phases including stakeholder engagement and education with the ultimate desired result of the policy to be enacted or implemented by key decision makers.

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The Framework ensures

  • Tangible benefits are delivered to grain growers through robust policy formation and clear articulation and advocacy of policy position; and
  • Stakeholders aware aware of how GrainGrowers develops transparent, evidence-based policy for grain growers with appropriate input and consultation.

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NPG provides input into, review and approval of GrainGrowers' national policy positions developed on behalf of all Australian grain farmers.
National Policy Group