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Launched in 2019, the Australian Grain Sustainability Framework (GSF), is intended to serve as an instrument for strengthening the sustainability of the Australian grains industry.

Through sustainability reporting, the GSF will demonstrate the grains industry’s commitment to continuous improvement, elevate the global standing of Australian grain and advance market potential for Australian growers.



The role of the GSF is to:

define sustainable grain production in the Australian context

use defensible data to report national grain industry performance against key sustainability measures

monitor, analyse and flag performance trends over time

showcase strengths and highlight progress

identify areas in need of investment for ongoing improvement

The GSF will meet the growing requirements for transparent and standardised reporting, driven by escalating customer demand, forthcoming disclosure mandates and the ongoing need to mitigate capital risk.

Further, reporting of sector performance and demonstrating ongoing improvement will help protect and grow the customer base for Australian grains and support advancements in trade and market access.

Carbon and Climate

GrainGrowers advocates for policies that promote productive and sustainable grain production. It is critical that Australian growers are well placed to capitalise on opportunities and manage risks arising from climate policy and that industry has a clear position on our climate and sustainability credentials.

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