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While acknowledging the stabilising elements in the 2022 Federal Budget, GrainGrowers believes that the lack of investment in critical infrastructure leaves many growers without access to safe and effective transport systems.

“Growers in areas affected by recent weather events and those in parts of the country where fortunately, they are still looking at a promising harvest, efficient freight routes to get our clean and green grains off the farm safely to where they need to go is essential.” said Brett Hosking, GrainGrowers Chair.

“We recognise that the Albanese Government is trying to ensure spending is curbed, particularly in the current economic environment with rising inflation and spiralling costs of living. However, our grower and the rural communities they live in can’t be left behind when critical infrastructure is in such dire straits.” said Hosking.

“Funding for critical first and last mile rural road upgrades is essential. We have some horror stories captured in photos and testimonials from growers across the country that highlight what a dangerous condition the state of many roads are in."

"These roads are going to be used during harvest periods and it’s obvious that the safety of those in regional and rural communities is being sacrificed.”

The budget also includes funding for the ACCC to investigate sectors including childcare, gas supply and water, but there is still no movement on an ACCC inquiry into the grains sector that has been called for.

"The last few years have illustrated that an investigation is needed urgently to ensure the system can function effectively for the whole supply chain." said Hosking.

​​​​​​​"When there are comments made about the cost of food and groceries increasing for everyday Australians, let's include in that a discussion about budget expenditure that ensures a robust supply chain and supports our growers producing our world-class grains".