The 2017 results show that 79.3% are aware of MPCI products, and while only 12.7% said “yes” they are considering taking out MPCI, 42.5% are “possibly” considering it. Again the biggest factor influencing this decision was the cost of premium. Forty percent of respondents felt 3-5% of input costs per ha was considered a viable cost for purchasing MPCI, with a further third believing 0-3% of input costs was viable. As with the previous survey, the majority of respondents believe there is a role for government in assisting with the establishment of MPCI products (72.9% in 2017 and 75.4% in 2015) and 42.6% believe this should be in the form of providing tax incentives on payment of premiums.

Below is the the results of the 2017 MPCI survey and below it a comparison with the 2015 survey.