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Moving Ag equipment on roads without a permit

By March 20, 2019April 29th, 2019Publications - 2019

Being able to move farm machinery on roads, without a permit, is a step closer.

After two years of negotiation, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has now developed a National Class 1 Agricultural Vehicle and Combination Notice which has been signed off by state road managers, and has the support of industry. The final step before it can be implemented is to get local road managers (local councils) to agree to the Notice and the allocated zone. This consultation started on 8 March and will be finished by 5 April. The aim is to have this Notice in operation in April 2019. GrainGrowers will advise members as soon as the Notice is approved and gazetted, and the NHVR map is available.

About the Class 1 notice:

The Notice grants eligible agricultural vehicles and combinations access to roads within zones. Vehicles and combinations must comply with the dimension limits for the Zone of travel and the limits for each zone are shown in the table below (full report can be read here).

An NHVR map will be available to show which zone applies in your area. This will be publicly available in April 2019. NHVR has allocated zone 4 or 5 to most local councils where grain is grown (and each council is being asked to consent to the Notice and the allocated zone).

Click here to read the draft Notice and Operators Guide

Table 2 – Agricultural Heavy Vehicle Zone conditional dimension limits

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5Column 6
Exempted dimension requirement
Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
Single vehicle length (metres)12.515.
Articulated vehicle length (metres)
Combination length (metres)
Agricultural implement length (metres)12.515.
Height (metres)
Width (metres)
Single vehicle rear overhang (metres)
Auger and conveyor rear overhang (metres)
Implement rear overhang (metres)
Harvester rear overhang (metre)

Reasons this is good for farmers:

  • This removes unnecessary red tape.
  • This allows travel for larger equipment, simplifies cross-border movements and improves operations across farms.
  • The majority of farmers should not need to get a permit to move equipment on road.
  • 91% of surveyed members said they supported a Notice which allows most agricultural equipment to be moved on roads without a permit

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