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For 60 years, GrainGrowers has worked alongside our grain farming members to develop and promote a more efficient, sustainable and profitable grains industry.

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Membership benefits include:

  • regular industry news and updates on GrainGrowers’ initiatives on your behalf via the fortnightly GrainGrowers E-Newsletter and quarterly Grain Grower magazine.
  • your say on industry issues affecting your farming business via our micro surveys.
  • an opportunity to participate in policy development through the National Policy Group.
  • full voting rights for the GrainGrowers Board.
  • the opportunity to be involved in or contribute to our capacity building leadership programs for young growers.

Membership is open to all Australian grain farmers over the age of 18 with an ordinary interest in 20 hectares or more of grain under cultivation. Membership is free.

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    I am 18 years of age or over and a grain farmer who has an interest in 20 ha or more of grain under cultivation.

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      Membership FAQs

      Who can become a GrainGrowers member?

      To be eligible for membership of GrainGrowers, a person must be a ‘grain producer’, with ‘an interest in not less than 20 hectares of grain under cultivation’. An interest is defined as a financial and ownership interest.

      The following people are eligible for membership:

      • Farmer as sole proprietor
      • Farmer in a partnership
      • Farmer, with an ownership interest, as part of a trust
      • Farmer, with an ownership interest, as part of a company
      • Sharefarmer
      • Farmer who leases land
      • Farm employee with a minimum of 5 years on-farm paid employment and leadership experience.

      The following are not eligible, unless they met one of the above criteria and have an ownership interest in not less than 20 hectares of grain under cultivation:

      • Farm worker
      • Agronomist
      • Grain trader
      • Industry professional
      • University/agricultural student
      • Farming family member who is no longer on farm but still supportive of and interested in grain production

      How much does membership cost?

      Ordinary life membership is free.

      How do I become a member?

      Fill in our online application form or download the PDF version and return it to us. We will send you confirmation by email and one of our Regional Coordinators will contact you directly to introduce themselves to you. Our Board of Directors at their bi-monthly meetings reviews new membership applications. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a Welcome Pack in the post.

      How do I update my contact details?

      Fill in our ‘update contact details’  form or download the PDF version and return it to us.
      Telephone: 1800 620 519
      Write to: The Membership Officer, Grain Growers Ltd, PO Box Q1355 Queen Victoria Building, NSW 1230