Spirit of Grains Competition

If you are a child between the ages of 5 and 18 who lives on a grains farm anywhere in Australia – or who has relatives who do – we’d love you to enter.

We’d like you to tell the story about your family’s history on a grains farm, which blends together the past and present (e.g. show us how grain farming has changed from what your grandparents and great grandparents did and what your parents or relatives do today). Each age group has a specific category in which they can enter:

15-18 year olds

Video: 2-4 minutes

Prize: Drone

9-14 year olds

Story and Photos: Maximum 400 words and up to 4 images

Prize: goPro

5-8 year olds

Drawings: 1 entry

Prize: iPad

Entries close on 07 October,  the winners will be announced at our 60th Anniversary formal dinner in Dubbo on 17 October.

When your entry is ready, submit it by filling out the entry form and emailing it to social@graingrowers.com.au. Please include a photograph of yourself with the generations of your family on the grains farm (we invite you to include historic photos of family members in this image of yourself and your immediate family on the farm.) With your permission this photo will be automatically entered in our photographic calendar competition, which will focus on the faces in the grains industry and will be announced at a later stage this year.

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