Spirit of Grains Competition

In celebration of GrainGrowers’ 60th Anniversary this year, GrainGrowers asked children aged between five and 18 years to showcase their family’s history on a grains farm in Australia.

Depending on the age group, children were asked to enter either a drawing, story or video which featured aspects of past farming methods contrasted with the present and what the future might look like.

The winners from each age category were:

15-18 years old

Video: 2-4 minutes

Prize: Drone

Winner: Stirling Taylor, 17 years from Grenfell, NSW.


9-14 years old

Story and Photos: Maximum 400 words and up to 4 images

Prize: goPro

Winner: Zoe Proude, 14 years from Carlton Gully, SA.


5-8 years old

Drawings: 1 entry per child

Prize: iPad

Winner: Hudson Smith, 8 years from Lockhart, NSW.


We would like to thank all participants who entered the competition. Finalists’ entries are featured on our image gallery (right).


Story finalists

Zoe Proude, 14 years old, Charlton Gully, SA

Samuel Schiller, 10 years old, Sutherlands, SA 

Jack Sharkey, 10 years old, Balliang East, VIC

Angus Jaeschke, 10 years old, Clare Valley, SA

Eva Kowald, 9 years old, Cherry Tree Pool, WA 

Video Winner – Stirling Taylor, Grenfell, NSW

Drawing finalists