Southern Region (NSW, Vic & Tas)

By August 3, 2018 October 5th, 2018 Around The Regions

Bob McCormack, National Policy Group Member

Total drought? Not quite

New South Wales has been declared as being in total drought, 100 per cent.

However, there is still a reasonable area, say, south of Temora down to the Victorian border, that are still poking away and will still end up with average production with a decent shower of rain. However, looking on the other side of the ledger, without rain in the next four weeks you will be able to flog a flee from Wyalong to the Queensland or South Australian borders.

Rain has extended into some parts of Victoria in the past month with many areas getting some handy falls. It is still very fickle though. The Mallee and Wimmera are doing everything to try and make it rain, while the Western Districts are looking for one or two dry sunny days.

A huge amount of hay has been sent from Victoria to well above the Queensland border and we can probably thank the hay exporters for developing an industry to the extent that it is today.

With many thousands of tonnes of hay not meeting export requirements over the preceding two years this hay was put away as there was little or no market. You can either treat drought as being a learning curve with opportunities or just a woeful situation.