Harvest Force

WA growers – are you short on staff for harvest?

Harvest Force, introduced by GrainGrowers and supported by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD), WAFarmers and Agribusiness Australia, has farm-ready workers available.

Leading WA agribusinesses including CSBP, CSBP Fertilisers, Nutrien and Elders are giving employees leave without pay to help cover some of the labour gaps for Harvest 2021.

If you have any questions about the program, please email enquiry@graingrowers.com.au

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All participants in the Harvest Force program (farmers, farm managers, agribusiness employees) must fill out an application form.

Farmers in WA seeking staff for harvest can register here:

Farmer Application

Agribusiness employees can register here:

Candidate Application

The problem

There are projections for major harvest labour shortages expected across Australia and research to date indicates the issues will be most pronounced in WA, with WAFarmers projecting the industry to be short around 1,000 workers (including header and chaser bin drivers).

In a recent GrainGrowers policy survey ‘Labour/Skills shortage’ was identified as the number one issue for WA grain growers (47%) and is in the top three issues identified nationally (27%).
Traditionally, seasonal harvest labour needs in WA (and to a lesser extent in other states) are filled by skilled farm workers with a farming background from the Northern hemisphere (in the past has included North America, UK and Europe). This is currently not possible due to the COVID-19 related travel restrictions.

The solution

Leading agribusinesses Elders, Nutrien Ag Solutions and CSBP will grant leave without pay for their employees during the harvest period – from October 2021 to January 2022.

Employees and farmers can both register with the Harvest Force program.
Agribusiness employees will then be matched with a farmer who is in need of labour. Once matched, both parties will connect and go through all the necessary employment requirements associated with a casual worker, before stepping foot on-farm for the harvest.