Growers able to have their say on grains research

By January 15, 2018May 22nd, 2018Media Releases - January 2018

Growers have a month to provide their thoughts on the Grains Research and Development Corporation’s investment priorities for the next five years and beyond, following the release of a discussion paper last Friday 12 January. The feedback will be used to shape the GRDC’s next Strategic Plan 2018-2023.

GrainGrowers Chairman John Eastburn said the consultation phase was a great opportunity for growers to have a say on the investment of their levies and influence what GRDC will be doing for the next five years and beyond.

“GRDC has pledged that in line with its purpose to invest in Research, Development and Extension (RDE) to create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers, the plan will sharpen the focus of investment on the drivers of farm profitability; yield, price, cost and risk.

“Growers need to have a say to ensure that focus is right,” Mr Eastburn said.

“GRDC spends close to $200 million annually on RDE and we want to ensure growers see the benefit of that investment.

“With nearly $1 billion to be invested in the next five years, Australian grain growers should expect RDE to deliver major improvements to their bottom lines.

“We need a plan which tackles the current pressing challenges of the industry, but also provides the breakthrough research that’s going to keep Australian grain competitive on a global scale into the future.

“We want a plan which delivers real bang for buck for growers and enables the Australian grains industry to increase its profitability over the long term.

“We also want a plan which has very clear goals and commits to achieving an appropriate return on investment which makes the best use of the grower levy.”

Mr Eastburn said that as a representative organisation, GrainGrowers has had some input already into shaping the plan.

“We will continue to provide input and guide the plan’s development over the next few months.

“GrainGrowers’ National Policy Group will be providing a response to the GRDC discussion paper and will also be meeting with GRDC in February 2018.

“However, critical to a successful plan, will be growers having their say on what they want. This is an important opportunity not to be missed and we encourage all growers to read the document and give their feedback to GRDC by 16 February. Growers can either provide their views directly to GRDC or via GrainGrowers by contacting their NPG representative (www.graingrowers.com.au/policy/policy-group).”

GrainGrowers will survey grain farmers on their views to ensure the widest possible response from the production sector is achieved.

View the discussion paper here: https://grdc.com.au/R&DPlan

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