Graingrowers encourages farm kids to participate in the Spirit of Grains competition

By April 20, 2018June 14th, 2018Media Releases - April 2018

As part of GrainGrowers’ 60th Anniversary year, GrainGrowers is holding The Spirit of Grains competition between now and September, for children between the ages of five and 18, to celebrate their grain farming heritage on a modern grain farm.

GrainGrowers Chairman John Eastburn said the competition gave children the opportunity to tell the story about their family’s history on a grains farm, blending in the past, present and their ideas on what the future will look like.
“In our 60th Anniversary year we want to celebrate our grain farming families and the terrific job they do in growing and harvesting a grain crop worth $13.9 billion each year to the Australian economy.

“We hope our competition will instil pride in the children and grandchildren of grain farmers who have established and developed this great industry.”
Each age group has a specific category, in which they are asked to express their creative flair in a different format. Some great prizes are on offer!:

15-18 year olds:
Format: Video 2-4 minutes
Prize: Drone
9-14 year olds:
Story and Photos: 400 words and up to four images
Prize: goPro

5-8 year olds:
Drawing: 1 entry
Prize: iPad

“Children are the future of farming in Australia and this competition aims to give them the chance to tell their story,” said Mr Eastburn.
“They are given the chance to show how life on a grain farming is different today and how it has changed throughout the generations.

“GrainGrowers believes community is the heart of the grains industry and wants children to get actively participate and share their story. GrainGrowers has seen the industry grow and develop over the past 60 years and now wants to shine the light on the future generation.”

Applications are open now until 17 September 2018. Winners will be announced at the formal Anniversary dinner to be held in Dubbo on 17 October 2018.


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