Calling all farm kids – show us your art!

By July 13, 2018July 24th, 2018Media Releases - July 2018

GrainGrowers is asking kids to show off their creativity while learning more about their family’s grain farming histories these school holidays.

As part of its 60th Anniversary, GrainGrowers is holding an art competition until September, for farm kids aged 5-18 – with great prizes to win.

“We’d like the kids to show us what Grandpa and Grandma did on the farm and how things have changed since then,” said John Eastburn, GrainGrowers Chairman.

“Grandpa may have had to fill and stack wheat bags himself. He may have had horses which pulled a plough across the paddock or an early tractor with one of the first winnowing machines behind it,” said John Eastburn, GrainGrowers Chairman.

“Their Mum and Dads or Aunts and Uncles today may have big machines which autosteer across the paddock, with a computer onboard to show which areas need more fertiliser, and a big truck to pick up the grain, while a drone shows a birds-eye view of progress on the seeding,” he said.

“When they grow up and become grain farmers – and we hope they do! – they may have robots on the farm that never stop and don’t need anyone to drive them at all!”

Mr Eastburn said he knew there were many talented farm kids who were very creative and keen at drawing, writing, taking photos and filming videos – and this competition gave them the opportunity to show what they could do.

“The very youngest might like to do a drawing of Grandpa perched up on a stack of wheat sacks while the older teenagers might like to show on video their family talking about historic photos of early grain farming against a backdrop of the massive grain storage silos on farm today.

“It doesn’t matter if the children don’t live on a grain farm themselves. They might have relatives – uncles, aunts or cousins – who are running the farm and who they might visit on the holidays from the city.”

“We think this will be a great activity for the school holidays as it will give the kids a chance to learn more about their family’s history while giving them the opportunity to express their creative talent with the chance to win great prizes,” said Mr Eastburn.

Each age group has its own category:

15-18 year olds
Video: 2-4 minutes

Win a Drone!

9-14 year olds
Story and Photos: Maximum 400 words and up to 4 images

Win a goPro!

5-8 year olds

Drawings: 1 entry

Win an iPad!

“We will be featuring entries on our website and asking people to vote for them on social media,” said Mr Eastburn.

“We will also display entries at our 60th Anniversary dinner in Dubbo on 17 October where the winners will be announced.”

Entries close on 17 September 2018. More information and an entry form is available athttps://www.graingrowers.com.au/media-centre/spirit-of-grains-competition


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