Australia-Indonesia Grains Partnership

By March 1, 2019March 4th, 2019March 2019, Policy

The proposed Australia-Indonesia Grains Partnership will bring together Indonesian and Australian decision makers from government and industry to foster relations and to maximise the opportunities for development and collaboration amongst the Indonesian and Australian grains, food processing and livestock sectors.

The Australia-Indonesia Grains Partnership is designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Demonstrate bilateral commitment from Australia towards Indonesia’s requirements for long term food security.
  • Support Indonesia’s value-adding and export opportunities in the flour milling; food processing; stockfeed manufacturing; animal/aquaculture production; and meat processing sectors.
  • Invest in human capacity building, technical training and high potential talent development within Indonesia’s agrifood industries.
  • Promote trade of Australian milling wheat and feed grains to Indonesia.
  • Develop a platform for future trade in pulses, oilseeds and other grains (such as milling oats)

The proposed partnership focuses on the following three key areas:

  • Technical capability and capacity building – milling wheat
  • Technical capability and capacity building – feed grains and livestock nutrition
  • Human (leadership) capability and capacity building