Our Beginnings

In 1956 a group of growers gathered around a kitchen table in North Star, NSW to discuss the need for a premium payment for the high quality, high protein wheat they were growing in the region. At the time, wheat was sold as an undifferentiated commodity with no incentive to growers to grow better quality to meet different customer needs. The growers from North Star and Croppa Creek resolved to band together to form an association to lobby for change. The Premium Wheatgrowers Association (PWA) was formed in 1958 with an office in Narrabri.

After much hard work, PWA was ultimately successful and the principles of segregation and premium payment in the bulk handling system were accepted.

From this organisation Grain Growers Ltd, trading as GrainGrowers, was founded and in 2018 celebrates its 60th Anniversary.

We were founded to work on an issue which grain farmers had identified as important to the sustainability and profitability of their farming businesses. Over the years we have continued to be influential in working on issues identified by growers to realise value in the industry. We have a proven track record of success in unlocking real returns for growers and the wider industry.