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In 1956 a group of growers gathered around a kitchen table in North Star, NSW to discuss the need for a premium payment for the high quality, high protein wheat they were growing in the region. At the time, wheat was sold as an undifferentiated commodity with no incentive to growers to grow better quality to meet different customer needs. The growers from North Star and Croppa Creek resolved to band together to form an association to lobby for change. The Premium Wheatgrowers Association (PWA) was formed in 1958 with an office in Narrabri.

After much hard work, PWA was ultimately successful and the principles of segregation and premium payment in the bulk handling system were accepted.

From this organisation Grain Growers Ltd, trading as GrainGrowers, was founded and in 2018 celebrates its 60th Anniversary.

We were founded to work on an issue which grain farmers had identified as important to the sustainability and profitability of their farming businesses. Over the years we have continued to be influential in working on issues identified by growers to realise value in the industry. We have a proven track record of success in unlocking real returns for growers and the wider industry.

  • 2021
    The State of the Australian Grains Industry report released with inaugural six-episode podcast featuring growers from across Australia. GrainGrowers implements the OnBoard program aimed at increasing grower representation in boardrooms and on committees across Australia.
  • 2020
    GrainGrowers releases Wheat Quality Report.
  • 2019
    GrainGrowers launches Behind Australian Grain – a sustainability framework project for the sector. GrainGrowers introduces the Grains Social Leadership Program to develop the Grains100.
  • 2018
    GrainGrowers divests of Commercial Services to focus efforts on Policy & Research and Leadership & Events.
  • 2017
    GrainGrowers provides chair and secretariat services for the Australian Grains Industry Discussion Group to achieve better coordination and improved delivery of industry good services.
  • 2016
    GrainGrowers launches the second State of the Grains Industry report.
  • 2015
    GrainGrowers is appointed joint Representative Organisation (RO) for the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).
  • 2015
    Members vote at the AGM to include the National Policy Group in the Constitution. GrainGrowers transfers the organisation’s Technical and Analytical Services division (formerly BRI) to the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre, in line with our objective to avoid duplication of industry good services.
  • 2012
    GrainGrowers joins National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) as a grains commodity member. GrainGrowers establishes the National Policy Group.
  • 2011
    All shareholding in GrainCorp and the Kondinin Group is dissolved to enable the company to be truly independent of the grains supply chain and focus efforts on core business — to represent and benefit the grain farmers of Australia.
  • 2011
    The first State of the Australian Grains Industry Report is produced.
  • 2010
    GrainGrowers launches ProductionWise, an online farm decision making platform.
  • 2010
    GrainGrowers launches new major industry capability building initiatives: the Australian Universities Crops Competition to test tertiary agricultural students on their practical knowledge and training; and the Australian Grain Leaders Program to develop growers’ leadership skills.
  • 2010
    The stake in Kondinin Group is sold to enable the Kondinin Group to forge ahead in the agricultural publishing industry.
  • 2010
    GGA changes its name to Grain Growers Limited (GrainGrowers) and introduces a new logo and company direction.
  • 2009
    GGA celebrates 50 years of service to the Australian grains industry. We purchase Agrecon, an informatics company specialising in the delivery of satellite image products.
  • 2008
    GGA purchases BRI Australia (formerly Bread Research Institute). Building the capacity of our future leaders continues as a priority with the launch of the Innovation Generation Conference and Australian Future Grain Leaders Program.
  • 2003
    GGA accepts 2500 Queensland members as part of a merger between GrainCorp and Queensland bulk handler GrainCo. GGA invests in independent farm information service, Kondinin Group.
  • 2000
    Prime Wheat Association and Victorian Grain Services merge to form Grain Growers Association (GGA) as part of GrainCorp’s merger with Victorian grain handler, Vicgrain.
  • 1992
    Prime Wheat Association purchases the assets of the NSW Government owned Grain Handling Authority, later renamed GrainCorp.
  • 1988
    Prime Wheat Association merges with the Hard and Soft Wheatgrowers Association.
  • 1977
    Premium Wheatgrowers Association changes its name to Prime Wheat Association following feedback from international customers.
  • 1969
    Prime Hard wheats and Northern FAQ grades grain acceptance in international wheat markets.
  • 1958
    Premium Wheatgrowers Association formed in Narrabri NSW.