2018 Wheat Discovery Tour driving quality food on National Agriculture Day

By November 21, 2018December 4th, 2018Media Releases - November 2018

National Agriculture Day is a great opportunity to stop and reflect on the great contribution the Australian grains industry makes to our everyday lives.

Australian grain farmers play an important role as stewards of the land, sustainably managing over 23million hectares of agricultural land, creating over 100,000 jobs in grains and 198,000 jobs in food manufacturing and helping underpin the social fabric of rural and regional Australia. Grain production (at the farm gate) generates over $14 billion to the Australian economy.

As part of today’s celebrations, leading Australian grain farmer representative group, GrainGrowers has partnered with the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) to host the Wheat Discovery Tour, to provide an opportunity for a group of growers from across Australia to learn more about wheat quality and how this affects our end food products. The growers were selected through a national competition for farmers run by GrainGrowers.

The Wheat Discovery Tour at AEGIC’s world-class milling and baking research facilities provided a deeper understanding about wheat quality and what our customers desire from Australian wheat.  The team has learnt about the flour milling process and how millers price wheat; what our world markets want from Australian wheat; and experienced a hands-on workshop making bread and noodles.

GrainGrowers’ CEO Dave McKeon said that this opportunity aligned well with National Agriculture Day’s focus on #GrowforGood, and also provided some Australian grain farmers insights into our wheat markets and what our end consumer looks for in their daily bread or noodles.

“It’s great to be celebrating National Agriculture Day by offering Australian grain farmers the opportunity to learn more about their industry in conjunction with AEGIC,” said Mr Mckeon.

“Australian farmers are focussed on growing a quality grain product and learning the connection with millers, bakers and consumers is fundamental to this.”

AEGIC Sydney General Manager Dr Ken Quail said the Wheat Discovery Tour was a wonderful opportunity for growers to access AEGIC’s unique Pilot Mill and learn more about the intricacies of wheat quality, and how it affects food products in Australia’s key Asian markets.

“The growers were extremely engaged and interested to discover more about the unique quality attributes of Australian wheat and how it is enjoyed by consumers in Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam and Australia’s other key markets,” said Dr Ken Quail.

“Australian wheat is highly-valued in Asian markets for all types of noodles, ranging from instant to premium udon noodles. It’s also increasingly in demand for baking applications across Asia.

“The lucky growers might not be quite ready to set up a flour mill or open a noodle bar, but they certainly have a new appreciation for Australian wheat and what our markets value.”

GrainGrowers would like to thank our industry partners who have joined in today’s activities, including AEGIC and the National Farmers Federation.

Background information

GrainGrowers 2018 Wheat Discovery tour in conjunction with National Agriculture Day (November 21), sent nine lucky grain farmers from across Australia to the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) in Sydney, to learn more about wheat quality and how this affects our end food products.

Our lucky winning grain farmer participants have included:

  • Tim Hayes – Badgingarra, Western Australia
  • Sophie Bradley – Springsure, Queensland
  • Patricia Schober – Moorook, South Australia
  • Chris Moloney – Arthurton, South Australia
  • Catherine and Matthew Madden – Moree – New South Wales
  • Libby Dowling – Yarrawonga, New South Wales
  • Bob McCormack – Junee, New South Wales

For more information visit www.graingrowers.com.au

National Agriculture Day
National Agriculture Day is a day to recognise how agriculture makes the world a better place. Whether it’s helping to feed a hungry world, caring for our environment, or creating jobs in rural communities, this year’s National Agriculture Day is led by the National Farmers’ Federation and is celebrating how our farmers #GrowForGood.

For more information visit www.agday.org.au/

More about AEGIC and the Workshop
AEGIC Sydney was once known as the Bread Research Institute of Australia and has been at the forefront of wheat quality research for more than 70 years. The North Ryde facilities include a four-story commercial-scale Pilot Mill, Pilot Bakery and Laboratory facilities. These facilities are the centrepiece of AEGIC’s highly sought-after training courses.

Participants experienced a hands-on feel for wheat quality and how it affects the performance of end-products, including noodles and bread. They may not be qualified to operate a flour mill, take on a bakery or open a Japanese ramen shop, but they now have a greater understanding of what Australian wheat is used for and what Australia’s current domestic and international markets value.

For more information visit www.aegic.org.au/