Drought Monitor

Australia is widely known for its susceptibility to climate extremes and no other industry bares the consequences of these conditions like the grain growers of Australia. To provide relevant information at farm level, GrainGrowers implemented the internationally peer reviewed Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Combined Drought Index for Australia. This is now available as GrainGrowers Australian Drought Monitor.

Utilising GrainGrowers extensive national archive of high resolution spatial grids consisting of rainfall, temperature and normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) data, the drought index is derived through the statistical comparison of how the present conditions (inclusive of the last 12 months) deviate from the multi-year long-term average for the same time period. Drought monitor grids on this page are produced at 1km resolution and updated every 10 days (decadal).

GrainGrowers Australian Drought Monitor presented at farm scale for the past year is available through our online paddock management system ProductionWise.

Drought Index

No Drought Mild Drought Moderate Drought Severe Drought Extreme Drought