Policy Development Framework

GrainGrowers is currently undertaking an internal review of its Policy Development Framework and modernisation of related policy and advocacy processes. This review will look to ensure, more than ever, that GrainGrowers can capture the views of Australian growers across the nation and champion them to drive policy change within Government and other industry bodies. Click here to view our Policy Development Process flowchart.

GrainGrowers runs a transparent and structured National Policy Group policy development process.

The GrainGrowers’ National Policy Group has been established to introduce, review and develop GrainGrowers’ National Policy positions.

Fifteen growers from each of Australia's grain growing regions come together regularly to bring forward and debate issues and decisions that affect them.

The National Policy Group (NPG) members are elected by GrainGrowers' members.This group plays an important role in representing  growers.

Grain producers can bring issues to GrainGrowers' Policy Group by speaking with an NPG member or GrainGrowers Field Officer or attending a Local Grain Farmer Forum or by submitting feedback on our website.

The NPG and GrainGrowers expert policy staff determine the best course of action to take to get a positive outcome on an issue. When wider industry action is required, GrainGrowers uses its seat on the National Farmers Federation's Grains Policy Council to air the issue. This channel leads directly to the Federal Agriculture Minister and can ultimately influence the laws and regulations which govern the way farmers do business.

GrainGrowers Policy group is moving towards an elected structure. In March 2013, Western Region Members (encompassing producers in South Australia and Western Australia) were the first to elect their policy group representatives.

The Northern Region (encompassing QLD and Northern NSW Members) and Southern Region (encompassing Southern NSW and Victorian members) will elect their representatives over the next 18 months.

You can contribute to GrainGrowers policy formation by attending a Local Grain Farmer Forum, speaking to your local Field Officer or submitting feedback online.