GrainGrowers provides submission on levy-payer database Bill 

The Australia Federal Senate is currently inquiring into a Bill that will provide a legal basis for the establishment and use of levy payer registers. In general GrainGrowers supports the Bill and has provided a submission to this inquiry supporting its passage.

Read the submission here

The establishment of levy payer registers will be an important step forward in providing a pathway to better ensure research, development, extension and marketing activities are meeting the needs of levy payers in the grains industry.

A key purpose of levy payer registers will be for Representative Organisations (ROs) and Research and Development Corporations (RDCs) to undertake levy payer consultation and polls to inform major decisions affecting the expenditure of levies.

In the grains industry, levy payer registers will enable widespread consultation and, ultimately, a grower vote on the key issues of whether GRDC governance should transition to an Industry Owned Company model and whether a marketing levy should be instated.

It is essential that levy payer registers are established upon a sound legal framework that allows the information to be used for improved levy payer consultation and influence over the RD&E and marketing process, but also prevents the information for being used for undesirable purposes.

The RDC system represents a partnership between the Australian Government and levy paying farm businesses.

As a designated RO for levy payers, GrainGrowers will work with the Australian Government to ensure that the regulations and administrative processes associated with levy payer registers are developed in a way that meets the needs of levy payers.