A call for grain farmers to be diligent when spraying summer weeds

SprayWise Decisions
SprayWise Decisions is an online decision support system developed by GrainGrowers and sponsored by Nufarm Australia used to provide localised weather forecasts to determine the most suitable times to plan spraying activities and reduce spray drift incidents. 

Sign up today for a 60 day free access period. New SprayWise registrations after 19 February 2016 will revert back to a 7-day free trial period.  
SprayWise is accessible through the website or web application accessed by any mobile or tablet device with internet connectivity. Visit to find out more www.spraywisedecisions.com.au
Example of the SprayWise SprayPlanner for a farm location at Trangie NSW showing the predicted risks and Delta T traffic lights system for the following five-day period
spray planner
The Cotton Field Awareness Map is an industry initiative (developed by GrainGrowers) which has been designed to highlight the location of cotton fields. The service is provided free of charge with the purpose of minimising off-target damage from downwind pesticide application, particularly during fallow spraying. CottonMap highlights current plantings of cotton from Central Queensland in the north down to the Murray River in the south. Growers or contractors spraying phenoxy’s should reference CottonMap prior to spraying to ensure they aware of localised sensitive sites. CottonMap can be accessed via website or web application by any mobile or tablet device with internet connectivity. Visit to find out more www.cottonmap.com.au.
An example of CottonMap showing the mapped cotton paddocks east of Trangie NSW that should be referenced prior to spraying activities in the region.
cotton map
Grain Growers Limited has developed and integrated an online farm management platform to enable growers and their advisers to manage safe record keeping of paddock management activities.  The system provides a free component to enable growers to map paddocks, record all paddock operations and inputs, observations of weeds, pests and diseases and provides the ability to generate reports for further reference. Additional decision support tools provides access to APSIM yield modelling for wheat, barley, canola, oats and sorghum using automatically integrated climatic and soils information.
ProductionWise enables growers to capture all paddock management activities and inputs in the field with an easy to use web application. This web app provides online and offline capability to record activities as they are being completed in the field and allows the user to sync the data to the main account when connectivity is restored.
To learn more about ProductionWise  visit www.productionwise.com.au or contact GrainGrowers on 1800 620 519.