GrainGrowers - BCG Trials Review Day this Friday will dissect the grain season’s highs and lows

BCG Trials Review Day this Friday will dissect the grain season’s highs and lows

Farming Systems Group, the Birchip Cropping Group (BCG) will kick off their research program for this year with the Trials Review Day on Friday 16 February at Birchip in Victoria. The Birchip Cropping Group (BCG) is one of 26 Farming System Groups (FSGs) which GrainGrowers is sponsoring in 2018 as part of its Partnership Opportunity program.

More than130 farmers are expected to attend this year’s Trials Review Day from across the Mallee, Wimmera, North Central region and beyond.

“The BCG Trials Review Day is the flagship event on our calendar bringing together highly regarded and experienced researchers, consultants and farmers to share their expertise and knowledge and to provide practical solutions to on-farm problems,” said BCG CEO Chris Sounness.

“This annual event is an opportunity for BCG members to hear presentations and discussions about the challenges and opportunities of the season together with the results from BCG’s 2017 research program,” he said.

“It is being held at a time when the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is looking for feedback from growers about the direction of the corporation’s next five year strategic plan. It is events like the Trials Review Day that enable growers 

to see the practical results of research on the ground and assess how it could improve their businesses.
“Of particular interest for growers this year will be CSIRO’s Dr Steve Henry, Agriculture Victoria’s Dr Jason Brand, Dr Grant Hollaway and Dale Grey, La Trobe University’s Dr James Hunt and a number of BCG’s experienced and applied researchers.
“They will discuss:

  • how to manage early sown wheat
  • maximising pulse production
  • mice management in 2018
  • cereal disease pressure
  • climate and weather outlook and impacts on decision making
  • on-farm weed mapping and the influence on rotations
  • reducing the wild radish and brome grass seedbank
  • managing ryegrass with shielded sprayers.

“They will also present a review of:

  • the 2017 season, challenges and opportunities from a Wimmera and Mallee farmer's perspective
  • the movement of nitrogen in stubble
  • seed size, phosphorus and sowing rate in barley, and
  • wheat and barley cereal performance in 2017."

GrainGrowers has been a proud supporter of BCG for a number of years through the Partnership Opportunity program.
Regional Coordinator David Evans said that BCG is a leading farming systems group which was established in 1992 with the goal of improving the prosperity of broadacre farmers through applied science-based research and extension.
“BCG focuses on exploring ways to enhance the profitability, sustainability and efficiency of the grower members in its region,” said Mr Evans.

“Every year BCG produces some amazing results in research trials and extension," said Mr Evans.

“The BCG research team sows, manages and harvests more than 100 trials annually across more than 25 research sites throughout the Wimmera, Mallee and North Central regions. The experience and reputation they have built is well deserved as it allows publicly funded research to be communicated with grain growers throughout these locations.

“In addition to the Trials Review Day, BCG will begin sowing its 2018 trials program which includes an extensive list of projects being carried out in the Wimmera and Mallee to support growers and their decision-making. Another project under way at BCG is the GRDC pulse check discussion group at Pyramid Hill which aims to increase the knowledge of growers new to the production of growing pulse crops.”
Mr Evans said that GrainGrowers was proud to have the opportunity to assist BCG Inc. to meet their goals in accordance with GrainGrowers’ vision to develop and promote a more efficient, sustainable and profitable grains industry for all Australian grain farmers.

CEO Chris Sounness said that BCG and GrainGrowers have had a very strong affiliation and have added value to each other’s organisations for many years.
“The support GrainGrowers has provided over the years has been highly regarded and appreciated by BCG as an organisation and by its members.”
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