Bringing NBN to our regions

The National Broadband Network (nbn) is up and running and now offers a new, high-speed internet connection to all Australian homes regardless of where you live.

GrainGrowers in conjunction with nbn conducted a national roadshow of over 65 sessions with a selection of retail service providers sending the message about the nbn and creating awareness and providing important information to enable growers and regional communities to be better informed about the new connectivity opportunities that are being rolled out.

In cities and larger towns the nbn will be providing internet services via fixed line (sometimes called fibre to the node) or fixed wireless. In more remote locations a fixed wireless or a Sky MusterTM satellite service will be offered.

In a growing number of remote and regional locations, fixed wireless is ready for service and since April 27th 2016, the new nbn Sky MusterTM high-speed satellite service has been available to every Australian home (approximately 400,000) that cannot receive a fixed line or fixed wireless service. This means access is available to fast, reliable internet with the equipment, cabling, standard installation and maintenance provided at no cost by the nbn. Customers connected so far are enjoying the freedom of uninterrupted, reliable internet. This was identified by GrainGrowers’ members as a huge impediment to rural and regional development.

Based on questions frequently asked at these sessions, GrainGrowers has formulated a FAQ sheet with answers to assist growers with their decisions in determining if a NBN service will be suitable for their needs.

Click here to view the NBN FAQs for our Regional Communities.

Click here to view the fact sheet on the Sky Muster Satellite.