Strategic Plan


To develop and promote a more efficient, sustainable and profitable grains industry for all Australian grain producers.  

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  • Service, engage and consult our membership and the industry
  • Develop, deliver and promote credible and high integrity policy and submission outcomes
  • Develop, deliver and promote value creating and effective capacity building events and training
  • Develop, deliver and promote value creating grains industry products and services
  • Ensure the sustainability and real growth of our capital base

We achieve this through three key areas:

  1. Policies and Submissions
    • Infrastructure Improvement Policy
    • GM Development Policy
    • Research Development & Extension Improvement Policy
    • AgVet Regulatory Improvement Policy
    • AgVet Stewardship Policy
    • Trade Enhancement Policy
    • WEMA Amendment Act Submission
    • Test Weight Submission
    • GRDC Oversight Consultation Submission
    • PHA Consultation Submission
    • Local Grain Farmer Forums
  2. Education and Events
    • Australian Grain Farm Leaders Program
    • Innovation Generation
    • Australian Universities Crop Competition
    • GrainGrowers National Summit
  3. Products and Services
    • ProductionWise
    • SprayWise
    • PropertyWise
    • International Promotion of Australian Grain
    • National Rainfall Forecast
    • National Crop and Variety Report
    • What the World Wants From Australian Grains Report
    • State of the Grains Industry Report
    • Value of Grains Industry Information Report